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RESCISSION IS NOT A GIMMICK. IT IS PUBLIC POLICY! TILA is designed to punish banks who play outside the rules. It is designed to put all the power into the hands of the borrower. AND it has worked up until it stopped working with hundreds of erroneous decisions by trial and appellate courts that only got corrected by a unanimous Supreme Court opinion written by Justice Scalia.

The playing field is level again.

If the name of the real lender was not disclosed at closing, then is a TILA rescission effective?

My first answer is that if the rescission notice is sent, then the mortgage and note are nullified by operation of law unless the “lender” files a lawsuit within 20 days contesting the notice of rescission. So whether you were right or wrong, it would be my opinion that if the “lender” does not respond, the matter is closed and that is the end of the note and mortgage. And if there is no note and mortgage then anything that happens afterwards is void because you can’t get a foreclosure on a mortgage that legally does not exist even if a copy of the mortgage is sitting in county records. And a sale would also be void. That is the way I see it.

The answer is found in the court system. iIf the lender is not disclosed there can be no consummation because there is no loan contract unless you have at least two identified parties. If there is no loan contract there is nothing to rescind. But an admission from the “lender” or a finding by the court that TILA rescission is not available because the loan contract was never consummated or did not exist leads to one conclusion: the borrower still wins. The borrower can then sue to nullify the note, mortgage, debt, foreclosure and even foreclosure sale on the basis that they are void by operation of law because there was no deal. And the borrower could then, in my opinion, sue to have the banks and servicers return the monthly payments and other payments they collected on the nonexistent contract for all the money they collected. This too is supported by some case decisions where Bank of America and others have been required to disgorge money they received when they had no right to collect it in the first place.

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