Step 1) Make Revocable Living Trust

Step 2) Record Revocable Trust in the Public Record

Step 3) Get Certified Copy of Revocable Living Trust

Step 4) Get Revocable Trust EIN

Step 5) Open Revocable Trust Bank Account

Step 6) Purchase CUSIP number for the court case.

Step 7) Report (whistleblower) entities (court) for failing to pay the tax they owe on securities created with IRS Form 1099-B

The case will be investigated by the US Treasury and the court case will be shut down.

Step 8) Create Conditional Acceptance

Resulting in giving you permission to lien each of the kidnappers and prosecutors for the for fraud, injury, default and dishonor in the amount of ($4,000,000.00) Four Million Dollars each.

"fail to state a claim upon which relief can be granted and your silence or refusal to provide Proof of Claim equates to your stipulation of the above facts as they operate in favor of the Undersigned and you waive all right to defend and/or REBEL BANK is estopped in any defense to the matter.

Therein, presumption will be taken in regards to your dishonor, admission, confession, injury and damage and failure to state a claim, that you; ******* ********, in behalf of REBEL BANK are giving permission for a lien to filed against you and the REBEL BANK for said fraud, injury, default and dishonor ... for damages.

This is a Fee for service for $3500.00

Send (3) two USPS Postal Money Orders for $1000.00 each and (1) one USPS Postal Money Order for $500.00 for a total of $3500.00 (no other money order will be accepted), via USPS Priority Mail for tracking purposes, wrapped in aluminum foil, to the following address:

National Associated Services, 1800 Mineral Spring Ave., Suite 151, North Providence, RI 02904

I require you to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

I require contingency fee of 15% of amount collected.

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